Time Share Holidays


Time Share Holidays –   – Do You really Want to go There


The holidays we have already been on were really good the resorts we have visited have been great  the staff have been friendly and always ready to help.

So I don”t have any problems in that area.

The problem is that no one wants to help resell our shares, we have 6000 shares a year.

Wyndham dont want to sell them for us or help in any way. We were told we would only get around $3000.00 then have to pay commission on that sale.

Yet they are still selling shares to new suckers everyday for $18,000 we would be happy to get half that for ours, as well as that, there are the yearly cleaning fees  that we still have to pay putting us between a rock and a hard place.

Overlooking the hinterlandIf you are thinking about buying to time share do your homework first and don’t be sucked in the way we were.

The ONLY reason we wanted to sell the shares was because our financial position, like so many others changed with the all the problems of lack of work and then when Reg did get work the wages were so low, with all that  and we are better off than a lot of other people.

At the moment My Son is paying the cleaning fees but when his baby arrives he may not be in a position to pay them any more so what will happen then ?

We are better off than a lot of others as we had payed for our shares while we were both still working, so its not as if we are also paying off the finance company but with our dropping income and the raising cleaning fees we will be in trouble  as we were told as long as we still own the shares we owe the fees.

What about you???