Time Share Wyndham


I have given this a lot of thought and I know how hard it is to sell your time shares anywhere, so I thought I would make this site a place where people can come and talk to others maybe even sell your shares to someone else.

Being able to communicate with others may also be a benefit to everyone.100_1797

I Know Peoples Circumstances Change

When you have something that you paid a lot of money for and the group who sold them to you has a “too bad” attitude and  you still have to pay the monthly fees, you cant really afford and the company won’t do anything to help you, can cause you to feel very frustrated.

The biggest problem with timeshare is they don’t tell you that it is almost impossible to get out of them once they suck you in.

Here is an Idea

So there are two options a website to facilitate the buying and selling of shares could offer:

  1. Provide a service by which buyers and sellers can link up to sort out a transfer of points
  2. Provide a site that buys peoples points, then sells them on at a profit


At this stage this is only a thought

The idea for this website is that it facilitates the buying and selling of points between Wyndham members who really need help to get back in charge of their finances.

My sons idea is to provide a service that allows members who need more points to link up with members who no longer need or can afford their points.

The information we have confirms that there is a need for a service that allows people to sell their points at a fair price.

For example, say I wanted to get more points to be able to use the program more effectively.

I only have one choice at the moment – buy them at around  $2.94 per point from Wyndham, in a minimum block of 6000 points – in other words, cough up another $18000+.


If I others could find someone who couldn’t afford their service fees, or just needed to sell their timeshare for whatever reason, others could offer them a reasonable price to get their points transferred over to someone else.

So if I were to setup a forum type area would there be enough people interested enough to take part in discussing their ideas?

Or would the comments section be enough for where I could put people in touch with each other.

We would be happy to hear your suggestions